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 Name change rules

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PostSubject: Name change rules   Name change rules EmptyThu Aug 07, 2008 11:57 am

Do you need a name change? Post it in this forum but read these rules first!

Rule #1: Existing members who have changed their name cannot change their name again for 3 months since that change.
Once you have your name changed to your request, you cannot have it changed back or changed to something else until at least 3 months have passed (on a calendar estimate). So if I changed my name on May 14, I wouldn't be able to change it until August 14.

Rule Two: New members cannot change their name for at least 3 months from their registration.
If you just joined the forum within the last 3 months then you have to wait to get a name change.
For example, if you joined on 2nd of April you would have to wait until the 2nd of July before getting a name change. And if you get it changed then it'll be the normal 3 month wait before you can change it again. If you're under the 3 month limit then you can always rejoin with the name you want (or, of course, wait till the 3 months are up).
Search the member list before asking for a name change.
Members are required to search the members list before making a request to see if the desired name isn't already taken. (Note: Not all usernames are listed on the member list, if the member has no posts or is banned, then he/she will not be listed. Only ones who changes names will be able to see the ones without posts.)

Rule Three: You cannot change your name to an existing name.
If there's already a member by the name you want to change to, you cannot change to it unless the member who owns that name changes to a new one. Before making a request, check the members list before asking.

Rule Four: Take the time to think your name change over.
If you make a change, and decide that you want to change back soon, we won't do it. Reversions to a name count as name changes too, so think your new name over before requesting, until the 4 month cap is over. We'll be busy doing other changes and other work as is, so we don't wish to have more work given to us.
Your old name will be open for registration.
If you make a name change, your old name will become open for the taking by other members, so you will need to think about your name change at this point as well. If your old name is taken you won't be able to change back to that name after unless the person who took your name changes to another one. We will be, however, making some exceptions to this rule.

Rule Five: Simple changes to your current name do not accompany a time limit.
If you have made a typo in your user name when you joined (underscore removal or capital letter fix), you can request to any Administrator, Staff Administrator or Assistant Admin to change your name. The time caps associated with name changes don't apply, so you may change your name from "JR._PIKAchu" to "Jr. Pikachu" without the 4 month cap applying. Also, if your name contains characters that do not exist in the unicode character table, you may have your name changed to something completely different regardless of the caps.
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Name change rules
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